Name:Ultimate Zero
Origin:MegaMan Zero
Updated:June 14th 2011
Download:Ultimate Zero
A mini pocket sized (original GBA game size) version of Zero is available for a pocket mugen roster.

Ultimate Zero has several features like being able to swap the elemental chip and choose from all the weapons he has from MegaMan Zero to MMZ4
There's also a special "Ultimate Original zero" mode which has some of the most popular moves Zero performed at the MegaMan X series games

This is my edition of Bluecross' Ultimate Zero.
There are many things I have done with this, including porting the pause menu from Megaman Zero 3
An extensive list of all the things I have done to this char is within a file named "What's Done what's not.txt"
How to Install:
To install Ultimate Zero please extract it to your chars folder (make sure you extract it within it's folder), Then add it to your MUGEN's select.def like this: