In order to use the stuff here you'll need MUGEN 1.0
You can download Mugen 1.0 from Elecbyte's official website.
Here you will find the Beta versions of Vent , Aile Omega Zero and Ultimate Zero.

Ultimate Zero

MegaMan ZX - Vent & Aile

Omega Zero
(MM-Z3 & MM-ZX)

Kamaitachi,Kunoichi and Ninja
(The_NinjaWarriors_Again SNES)

Remember it's a beta, and I want the final versions to be for MUGEN 1.1 since I will update all these creations to SFFv2.
Also Remember that I'm doing this with N-Mario's and Bluecross' consent because I want the final versions to have their approval and "seal of quality", this means I want the final versions to be available at their web pages.
My Videos from my YouTube channel

Done and Improved

Model Ox AI test: Omega takes a spoonfull of his own medicine

Progress update: Model Hx

Vent, Aile, Omega and other creations

Kamaitachi defeats Omega Zero (Easy mode)

Omega Zero Revamped