Akkuis1173 Disclaimer, Credits and Special Thanks:

All the material here is free for non comercial purposes since it's considered fan art.

"I do not accept responsibility for any effects, adverse or otherwise, that this code may have on you, your computer, your sanity, your dog, and anything else that you can think of. Use it at your own risk."
(Allegro disclaimer)

MUGEN and all their related stuff is property of ELECBYTE.
Vent, Aile, Omega, Zero and all their related stuff are property of CAPCOM, the MUGEN chars were made by N64 Mario and Bluecross, I'm taking them on my own with their permission. You can download their old MUGEN versions at N-Mario's site (Bluecross MUGEN ZX plus is currently down) The new versions will probably be there once I finish my work with them.

The NinjaWarriors and all their related stuff are property of TAITO, Their MUGEN counterparts are being made by me, using Cadavélico's work as a base. (He is also aware I'm using his work .) The inspiration of Homing missiles came to me when coding them (The Ninja), Vent, Aile and Omega benefit from the code. The code used began as a " Aim and Angle calculations code" from Beatrice A.K.A SMEE. from MUGEN guild. (She's also aware I used his algorithm as a basis. )Improved by myself to get a constant homing missile.